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PORTABLE REFRACTOMETER Precision concentration measurement in the palm of your hand.

What is Refractive Index?

When light passes from one medium to another, the speed at which the light travels will change depending on the parameters of the materials. The ratio or change in the speed of light is called refractive index and instruments that measure this are called REFRACTOMETERS.

 The refractive index of a liquid is uniquely related to its SPECIFIC DENSITY.

 A REFRACTOMETER may be used to measure the PURITY or more importantly the concentration of a sample when mixed with other liquids.

REFRACTOMETERS are therefore commonly used to measure DILUTION and BLEND RATIOS of many different solutions found within food, beverage, environmental, life science and industrial applications including sugars (°Brix, glucose, sucrose, etc.), salts (sodium chloride, seawater, calcium chloride, etc.) and heat transfer fluids (antifreeze, de-icing, heat pump, machine shop lubricants, etc.).

Additionally, refractometers may also be used as part of a more complex multiple parameter experiment such as that required to determine the alcohol content of beer, wine, or cider.


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