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NESPL is exclusive distributor of Fluid-o-Tech Pumps and parts in India. NESPL provides complete range of Fluid-o-Tech pumps in India for all industries, like, beverage industry (coffee, soft drinks, beer, water purification, etc.), refrigeration, medical, food, automotive, and more.

NESPL has been associated with Fluid-o-Tech Italy for almost a decade now. NESPL has ready availability of all the Fluid-o-Tech pumps and parts in India and can ship any Fluid-o-Tech product to any part of India very quickly (except for some special application Pumps).

If any Fluid-o-Tech product is ordered before 4 PM and it is available in-stock, then NESPL team is able to ship that product the same day. In addition to that, NESPL has a dedicated team to track shipments to ensure that Fluid o Tech products reach customers quickly and safely.

Why NESPL for Fluid-o-Tech Products in India

NESPL gives you all the advantages of Fluid-O-Tech Italy in India

Exclusive India
Distributor of Fluid-o-Tech

Largest ready stock of
Fluid-o-Tech products in India

Same day shipping
of products

Local expert team

Decade of Experience

In addition to India, NESPL exports Fluid-o-Tech products to Srilanka, UAE, Nepal, USA, and Europe as well.

Custom Solutions for your Fluid-o-Tech Requirements

NESPL team specializes in understanding any complex or special needs of customers and then executing them using best Fluid-o-Tech products. With our experience of almost a decade in selling Fluid-o-Tech, we can help you with best custom solution using Fluid-o-Tech products.

So, if you are looking to buy any Fluid-o-Tech pump in India or Fluid-o-Tech pump parts, contact NESPL directly to get expedited response and fast service.

Fluid-o-Tech is a popular Italian company that is renowned the world over for its quality products for different type of fluid displacement needs.

Fluid-o-Tech pumps are commonly used for the following applications:

  • Fluid Transfer
  • Pressurization
  • Circulation
  • Dosing
  • And other special applications

Owing to the wide spectrum of the industries and purposes that Fluid-o-Tech caters to, Fluid-o-Tech has a huge range of pumps that are specifically created for specific needs.

Some of the Fluid-o-Tech
pumps include:

  • Peristaltic Pumps
  • Solenoid Pumps
  • Circulation
  • Rotary Vane Pumps
  • External Gear Pumps
  • Internal Gear Pumps
  • Electronic Valve
  • Thermostat Valves

With more than 70 years of experience in
the pumping industry, Fluid-o-Tech pumps are available
for various industries, including:





Water Treatment

And more

NESPL, as the exclusive Fluid-o-Tech India Distributor, is able to provide a complete range of Fluid-o-Tech pumps and pump parts in India. In fact, even if someone gets in touch with Fluid-o-Tech Italy, the products are provided in India by NESPL only.

You can explore the complete range of Fluid-o-Tech products in India online on NatronEquipments.com. You can see complete specifications of different Fluid-o-Tech products as well as download brochure.

To purchase any Fluid-o-Tech pump in India, just submit an Enquiry to NESPL, and NESPL’s qualified team will soon get in touch with you to understand your needs and suggest best Fluid-o-Tech solutions for that.

So, whether you are a manufacturer of Espresso machines, beer bar equipment, soft drink bottler, or any other industry that has advanced fluid transfer needs, look no further than Fluid-o-Tech Italy.

Being exclusive Fluid-o-Tech India partner, NESPL imports
Fluid-o-Tech products in India directly from Italy, and then ships them further to you. In this
way, you do not have to bother about how to import Fluid-o-Tech products; NESPL takes
care of that for you. So, whether you want a Fluid-o-Tech pump or Fluid-o-Tech pump part,
you can rely on NESPL to be your Fluid-o-Tech supplier in India.

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