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DMfit, started in 1987, manufactures and produces tubing and plumbing fittings connectors to be used in various industries. For more than 30 years, DMfit is involved in providing solutions for quick-connect fitting solutions for various industries in several parts of the world.

NESPL is the exclusive distributor of DMfit Fittings in India, which provides a wide range of push-fit connectors, tube, and other fluid control products for your beer dispense system and pure water applications. DMfit is renowned in the world for its high-quality plastic casing. Also, DMfit products are made from non-toxic materials that do not produce any harmful fumes and meets the U.S. FDA requirements.

These products are used all over the world in the beverage industry, medical industry, automotive industry, and several others. NESPL maintains a ready supply of most of the DMfit products in India. These products get shipped the same day if the products are ordered before 4 PM. Also, the products are not only shipped in various parts of India but other countries as well.

NESPL - DMfit Partner in India

NESPL partnered with DMfit a decade back and since then, NESPL has been providing the fluid and beverage handling solutions to various industries in India. DMfit is world renowned for providing its reliable and best in class valve fitting products. NESPL, with a partnership of DMfit, provide DMfit solutions to a wide range of fluid and beverage handling industries in India.

NESPL gives advantages of DMfit, South Korea in India:

Exclusive India distributor of DMfit products

Steady stock of DMfit products in India

Reliable and Secure Shipment

Expertise in providing Push-In tube fitting solutions

Years of Experience

Personalized DMfit Solutions

DMfit push-in tube fitting solutions provide a wide range of fitting and connecting products used in valve and pipe/tube connections. With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing non-toxic push-in connectors, DMfit has gained the trust of many customers all over the world. NESPL with the exclusive distributorship of DMfit in India, provide these products for various industries in India. Some of the common industries in India include beverage industries, automotive industries, medical industries, and various factories of individual product manufacturers. NESPL provides the trust of DMfit products in India for reliable workability of the industries.

DMfit Products are Applicable in Various Industries

DMfit products are the preferred choice for:

  • Water purification
  • Air and gas dispensing
  • Food and beverage systems
  • Pressure fluid dispensing

Apart from the above mentioned usage, DMfit products are preferred choice in many other industries as well.


Categories of Most Popular DMfit Products in India

NESPL provides some of the most demanded products of DMfit in India:

  • Acetal Power Fitting
  • Clean Fittings
  • Polypropylene Fittings
  • Stop and Faucet Adaptor Valves
  • Filter Strainers
  • Accessories
  • LLDPE Tubes
  • Valves (Control, Hand, Check, Stop)

Products of DMfit are Used in Several Industries

Beverage Industry

Automotive Industry

Medical Industry

Water Treatment

And More

NESPL distributes a wide range of DMfit products to various states and cities of India. Not only in India, but NESPL also provides the DMfit push-in fit connectors to various countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, UAE, Bangladesh, etc.

Information about the wide range of DMfit products is provided in the form of catalogues on NESPL website. Register on the NESPL website and get access to download the brochure where all the information about DMfit products are given.

The shipment of DMfit products is easy and reliable with NESPL. One can be sure of receiving a secure DMfit product from NESPL as the shipment is assisted by the reliable courier and shipping companies in India.

You can get all your doubts and queries cleared by the NESPL team of experts via approaching them directly through registration on the website. All the queries will be shortly answered by the NESPL team.

Dmfit Equipments

NESPL, being the exclusive distributor of DMfit products has a complete range of the push-in fitting connectors. DMfit products have been in the market for more than 30 years and have gained the trust of customers for decades. NESPL distributes these products all over India and other countries in a smooth and secure way. NESPL distributes DMfit products in India in a reliable and trustworthy way of receiving beverage dispensing solutions.

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