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For reliable and high-quality Hose Clamps and Clamping Tools, NESPL is one of the recognized brands.

NESPL team specializes in understanding the complex needs of customers and then solving them using the best hose clamps. With the experience of almost a decade, the NESPL team possesses plenty of technical knowledge pertaining to the hose clamps. NESPL hose clamps are renowned globally for their long-life, high quality, as well as customer service.

So, if you are looking to buy clamps and clamp parts, contact NESPL directly to get an expedited response and fast service. An order placed before 4 PM can be dispatched the same day!

NESPL Hose Clamps Are Commonly Used For The Following Applications

  • To fasten and fix pipes with a structure to provide support
  • Attaching Hoses
  • Sealing Hoses
  • Connecting Tubing Systems
  • Compression Fittings
  • Air, Fluid, Steam, and Gas Lines Attachments
  • Providing fast, safe, and cost-effective service and installation
  • Pipe Clamps can be used to prevent noise and vibration, as well as absorb shock

Features Of NESPL Hose Clamps

  • Simple Operation
  • Easy Installation
  • Adjustable in a Small Range
  • Nice Appearance
  • Temperature ranges are determined by the clamping lining
  • It is typical for all pipe clamps to have impact resistance
  • Installation and layout of pipes are quick and easy
  • Property of shock absorption
  • Vibration dampening property
  • Acoustic reduction property
  • Heavy Torque
  • Appropriate for tiny and huge width pipes

Custom Solutions For NESPL Clamps

The connection of soft and hard pipes on pipeline transportation equipment such as cars, trains, ships, water supply systems, beer machines, coffee machines, beverage machines, medical equipment, petrochemicals, etc., in a non-detachable use environment.

Why NESPL is a preferred brand for Hose Clamps

NESPL gives you unmatched advantages of hose clamps:

  • Distributor of wide range of Hose Clamps
  • Largest ready stock of most of the hose clamps range
  • Same day shipping of most of the hose clamps
  • Local expert team
  • Decade of Experience

Installation Instructions for Single Ear hose clamp

Tools Required:

  • Installation tool
  • Manual calipers for manual installation
  • Pneumatic calipers are recommended

As a result of quantitatively distributing the clamping force and ensuring the consistency of the installation effect, pneumatic calipers improve the quality and value of the customer's application system by ensuring consistency in the installation process. It's especially suited to large-scale production.

Uses of a Hose Clamp

Hose clamps are primarily used in the:

Automobile Industry

Oil & Gas Industry




Chemical Industry

The Lightweight Single ear hose clamp provides a powerful thermal expansion compensation function so that the hose's dimension changes due to temperature changes can be compensated, ensuring that the pipe is always fastened and sealed properly. The 360° inner ring is precisely designed to ensure a complete uniform circle after sealing. This leads to better sealing performance.

After dehydrogenation, long-term use is not affected by breakage and other issues. A single ear hose clamp has been specially treated to prevent damage to the hose during installation.

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