Hemo Dialysis Machine Parts 83 Product(s) Available

HIGH-TEMP ECONOMY FEMALE HANSEN CONNECTORS - (Dialyzer Port Quick Disconnects ) NESPL Code - #NSSP004161
High-Temp Female Hansen Connectors NESPL Code - #NMPC3
Male Hansen Connectors NESPL Code - #NSSP004174
MPC-741 Male Hansen to Male Hansen Adapter NESPL Code - #NSSP003973
1/4" ID Hose Barb Quick Disconnect NESPL Code - #NSSP004160
EZ Grip NESPL Code - #NMPC7
Sterile Thumb Forceps NESPL Code - #NMPC8
Syringe Adapter NESPL Code - #NSSP0004190
Dialyzer Holder NESPL Code - #NSSP003311
Double Dialyzer Holder NESPL Code - #NMPC11
Dual End Cap (Male/Female Dead End Caps) NESPL Code - #NMPC12
Female Luer Lock Cap NESPL Code - #NMPC13
Injection Sites NESPL Code - #NMPC15
Luer Lock Cap Set NESPL Code - #NMPC17
Needle-Less Injection Site NESPL Code - #NMPC18
Needle-Less Access Site NESPL Code - #NMPC19
See Luer Cap Set (Male Luer Lock Cap Set, Catheter Caps-Non-Injectable) NESPL Code - #NMPC20
Luer Lock Caps NESPL Code - #NMPC21
Date / Document Tag NESPL Code - #NMPC22
TRANSDUCER PROTECTOR LUER EXTENSION External Visual Indicator For Transducer Protector Failures NESPL Code - #NMPC23
TRANSDUCER PROTECTORS In-Line Protective Devices For Pressure Monitors on Hemodialysis Equipment NESPL Code - #NMPC24
STERILE RECIRCULATION SETS Sterile Fluid Path—Blood Compatible NESPL Code - #NMPC25
COMBINATION TOWEL CLAMP Secures Drapes & Towels and Occludes Tubing NESPL Code - #NMPC26

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