Oetiker Products Distributor: NESPL

Oetiker is a 75 years old company that is involved in the production and distribution of Ear Clamps.

The Produts of Oetiker Made are being used in different industries across India and Globally . These industries include medical industries, beverage industry, restaurant and hospitality industry, tubing and wiring in home applications, LPG solutions, automotive industry, and various such industries in India.

Oetiker has a team of experts who provide solutions to its customers for reliable performance for the equipment and machinery used in increasing the productivity of the business. NESPL distribute some of their Clamps Model required for the Special Application . Oetiker provides the reliable connecting solutions that are used in various sectors for better productivity.

The shipment of Oetiker made standard Clamps by NESPL are faster and hassle free. NESPL delivers a smooth and reliable shipment of the Oetiker products across various parts of India and abroad as well. If ordered before 4 PM, most of the Oetiker Made Clamps are shipped on the same day.

NESPL Distribute the OETIKER Products

The partnership of NESPL with Oetiker has been blooming for over a decade. NESPL has been providing Oetiker’s “connecting” solutions throughout India. Oetiker products are being used as the connectors of the tubing and wiring systems in the operational functions in multiple industries. Such solutions have been resulting in reliability for several years for various companies throughout India.

NESPL gives advantages of Oetiker in India:

Distributorship of their Products in India

Easy option to purchase Oetiker products in India

Steady Oetiker products stock in India

Smooth and Secure Shipment

Years of Experience in providing connecting solutions

Industry Specific Solutions

Oetiker products are being distributed in India by NESPL. Being a distributor, NESPL understands the responsibility of providing the quality tubing systems solutions to various industries in India. NESPL fulfil this responsibility by providing the products of trusted brand for delivering the best solution in various industries. This dedication of fulfilling responsibility have gained the trust of various esteemed customers in a wide range of industries spread across the nation. NESPL team specializes in meeting the needs and requirements of various industries in a reliable and consistent way.

Application of Oetiker Products

Oetiker solutions are the preferred choice for:

  • Attaching hoses
  • Sealing hoses
  • Connecting tubing systems
  • Air, fluid, steam, and gas lines attachments
  • Compression fittings

There are various other applications of Oetiker products which are specific industries in India.


Popular Oetiker categories in India

Most popular products of Oetiker India, provided by NESPL include:

  • Stepless Ear Clamps
  • Adjustable Ear Clamps

Products of Oetiker serve several industries, including





Water Treatment

LPG Solutions

The Oetiker Products in India made an easy accessibility of the connectors and clamps of the most trusted brand. NESPL provides a wide range of connecting solutions for tubing systems in various industries in India. These products can be ship on demand to any location.

One can go through the online catalogue of Oetiker’s products on NESPL website and browse for the appropriate tool and solutions required in the tubing system of a particular factory or industry. This catalogue is available in the form of a downloadable brochure as well.

If you are confused about what kind of product or solution will be suitable for the specific tubing and fluid transfer system, you can send us an inquiry about the same. Our team of experts is always available to help you out in finding out the suitable connectors for your industry specific requirements.

NESPL provides a complete range of connecting solutions which are specific to the industry needs in India. These solutions are based on the trusted brand Oetiker. The reliability and consistency of the Oetiker products has always been above par with the expectation of the workability of such products by our esteemed customers of a wide range of industries.

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