Dialysis 7 Product(s) Available

Date / Document Tag NESPL Code - #NMPC22
TRANSDUCER PROTECTOR LUER EXTENSION External Visual Indicator For Transducer Protector Failures NESPL Code - #NMPC23
TRANSDUCER PROTECTORS In-Line Protective Devices For Pressure Monitors on Hemodialysis Equipment NESPL Code - #NMPC24
DQPUR202BUT202 2 NESPL Code - #NCPC002
DQPRO20BCS70202 70mm Thread Drum Insert with FKM (Viton®) Seal for European 70x6 and Asian 70x5 (Plastic Drum) NESPL Code - #NCPC003
DQPRO20G2NPSPL Drum Insert with 2 NESPL Code - #NCPC004
DQPROKEYDICOMBO Key Kit for Drum Coupling Insert, All Molded Colors NESPL Code - #NCPC009

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