NESPL is an exclusive distributor of Gicar products in India. We provide a complete range of Gicar products in India for different products in various industries (coffee machines, water dispensers, Ovens, packaging machines, medical equipment, laundry machines, Ice-cream machines, etc.). To buy Gicar products in India, look no further than NESPL.

NESPL has been working with Gicar for quite some time now. All of GICAR's products are readily available from NESPL in India, and any GICAR product can be shipped to any part of the country very quickly.

Gicar products that are in stock and ordered before 4 PM IST can be shipped the same day by the NESPL team. To ensure that Gicar products reach customers quickly and safely, NESPL has a dedicated team that tracks shipments.

NESPL is the preferred choice for GICAR products in India because of the following reasons:


Exclusive India Distributor of GICAR products


In India, we have the largest inventory of Gicar products


Best quality imported GICAR products in India


Only original GICAR products are provided


Same-day shipping is available for most products


Local expert team


Decade of Experience


Competitive price

GICAR and other brand products are exported by NESPL to markets around the world.

Solutions offered by GICAR

Coffee Machines
Drinks & Water dispensers / Water Treatment
Ovens & Cooking Machines
Vending Machines
Cooling & Ice-Cream Machines
Professional Dishwashers
Ironing & Laundry Machines
Packaging Machines
Electrical Switchboards / Automation
Medical Equipments

Providing electronic solutions for nearly six decades, GICAR manufactures products for a variety of industries.


Soft Drink

Water Treatment




And more


Gicar has always been 100% Italian-owned since it was founded in 1963. Over the years, the company has consolidated its position in all major world markets for providing customized electronic solutions. It is a global leader in some sectors, such as coffee machine automation. As a worldwide brand, Gicar is synonymous with innovative, high-performing products that comply with the most stringent international safety standards and are classified by the Italian Rating Agency as reliable. Because of this, Gicar is an excellent partner to help customers grow their businesses.

We are an exclusive Gicar distributor in India, importing products directly from Italy and shipping them to you. This way, you won't have to worry about how to import Gicar products because NESPL does it for you

So, if you are looking for Gicar products in India, you can rely on NESPL as your supplier of Gicar products.

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