Flow Reversal Valve


Product Description

FRV0001 Flow Reversal Valve Flojet's G56 Flow Reversal Valve (FRV) is designed as an add-on accessory for the G56 Beer Pump to allow beer line cleaners to run cleaning solution through a Flojet G56 pump driven beer system in both directions. Running cleaning solution through draught beer systems in alternating directions from the faucet to the tapping device (and vice versa) has been found to enhance cleaning efficiency. Further, a multiple beer faucet system utilizing G56 beer pumps with Flow Reversal Valves allows for multiple lines to be cleaned at one time. This can be done by connecting keg taps with double flushers and connecting faucets with cleaning jumpers (see Line Cleaning Diagram).

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Code FRV0001
HSN Code ----
Model FRV0001
Weight 3.3 oz. (oz)
Type Parts / Accessories
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