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Peripheral Pump MTP600HP 230V 28LL112N2300015 Peripheral Pump MTP600 HP, a kind of Regenerative Pump, is a centrifugal pump that is used for pumping low corrosion / abrasion and uncontaminated liquids. This pump consists of an impeller that rotates in a large chasing channel. When the pump is connected to the liquid source, the repeated rotation of the impeller causes the high flow of the fluid as it passes through the pump. The liquid that passed through the inlet of the pump then moves along the circumference of the pump consisting of an impeller and flows out through the outlet with increased pressure.
Some features of PUMP MT600 HP are as follows:
(a) Brass body material
(b) EPDM Seal
(c) Stainless Steel Shaft Material
(d) 230 V Power Supply
(e) CE Approved
(f) 45 Degrees ambient temperature
(g) 80 Degrees fluid temperature
(h) F/B Electric Insulation
(i) ED 100 %
(j) Thermal Protection of 140 degrees Celsius
(k) Ideal for Cooling Circuits and Welding Machine
Despite being able to convert the low-pressure liquid to high-pressure, Peripheral Pump MTP600 HP comes in a relatively small size. This type of pump works as a volume dispatcher pump in which the liquid is sucked in from the inlet that directs it towards an angular channel. This channel contains the impeller that rotates the liquid to provide a centrifugal motion. This motion helps the liquid to gain kinetic energy that results in a high-pressure flow of liquid from the outlet. Peripheral Pump MTP600 HP can be used for different purposes, be it industrial or regular household use. If you want to order Peripheral Pump MTP600 HP from NESPL, you can simply send us an enquiry by registering your name and email to the website and our expert Team Member will contact you shortly.
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Beer Industry

Medical (Core) & Thermal Industry

Additional Information

NESPL Code NSSP002175
Manufacturer Code 28LL112N2300015
HSN Code 84138190
Manufacturer Oscillating-Solenoid-Vibration-Pump
Voltage 230V, 120V, 400V
Model MTP600HP
Power 230V / 1 / 50Hz, 120V / 1 / 60Hz, 400V/ 1 / 50Hz
Weight 4.000 Kg
Type Pump

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