Needle-Less Injection Site


Product Description

Needle-Less Injection Site: Latex-Free Needle-Less Injection Site

A brand-new type of swayable valve from Halkey-Roberts was developed to provide needle-free injection ports for IV applications. Suitable for aspirating or injecting fluids as needed. No cap is required, and multiple uses are possible. With the stems and bodies of these valves, all standard luer syringes and luer connectors can be connected securely. This provides a hermetic seal between the syringe tip and valve. With either a Luer Lock or a Luer Slip syringe, the valves are easily accessible.


  • USP class VI materials is used.
  • They don’t contain any natural rubber latex
  • DEHP free
  • High Flow
  • Easy Access
  • Low priming volume
  • Straight away through design for unrestrained flow
  • Priming Volume: 0.09ml
  • Sterilized Fluid path
  • Airtight seal

Flow Rate Averages

  • Flow Rate @ 1 psi: 550 ml/minute
  • Flow Rate @ 3 psi: 1,000 ml/minute
  • Flow Rate @ 5 psi: 1,300 ml/minute

Individually packaged 100 pcs. / bag & 4,000 pcs/ case


315.2 g


9.00 × 7.00 × 4.00 in

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Medical (Core) & Thermal Industry

Additional Information

Manufacturer Code MPC-110
Manufacturer MPC
Type Parts / Accessories

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