Electrical spare parts and switches 9 Product(s) Available

3D5 Electronic Meter NESPL Code - #NSSP000548
Switch NESPL Code - #NSSP001994 KEYBOARD SMT 5T/6L NESPL Code - #NSSP000549
Thermostat NESPL Code - #NSSP002541
KSD302 250V25A, cut off at 160*, manual reset thermostat NESPL Code - #NSSP003318
RELAY T9AP 1D52-24 (N.O 30A) 240VAC NESPL Code - #NSSP002923
BLX-2 FUSE HOLDER,30A -220V -50 HZ NESPL Code - #NSSP002922
ROCKER SWITCH -KCD2-P-21N-C-2-A2-HZ-GR-B-P2-16 (23A-250VAC) NESPL Code - #NSSP002921
Steam Pressure Switch LF25 NESPL Code - #NSSP003542

Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Natron offers the solution for Coffee equipment & spare parts, Coffee Machine Parts and Microbrewery Equipment Spare Parts in New Delhi, India. We are the leading supplier of Fluid-o-tech Pumps, Shurflo Pumps, Flojet Pumps, Taprite Regulators and ULKA Pumps. We offer the full range of bipolar switches and indicator lights for coffee machines. In addition, we have all the Gicar level regulators and push-button panels and displays for professional coffee machines. These electrical parts of the espresso machine allow machine manufacturers and coffee technicians to deliver the electric spare parts or volumetric meter for your espresso machine in 24H.

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