Ever pure Claris Softening-Filtration Systems


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Ever Pure Claris Softening/Filtration Systems

Here we are presenting Ever pure Claris Softening/Filtration systems along with complete accessories .i.e. Claris Gen 2 Head EV4339-90, Claris Gen 2 Head EV4339-91, Claris Gen 2 Head EV4339-92, Claris Test Kit EV4339-40, Claris Hose 10CM, 3/8”x1/2” EV4339-52, Claris Flow Meter US EV4339-31, Claris Flow Meter 700 Lpm EV4339-32 


The Claris System is specifically designed for brewing tea and specialty coffee. By removing carbonate hardness and lowering alkalinity, the cartridges prevent the formation of scale by increasing water taste and odor by employing ion exchange ("saltless" softening) technology.

  •     The Claris Ultra technology uses a two-step process to soften and sequester your ingredient water to stabilize its mineral content. Consequently, limescale is prevented by maintaining a stable, close-to-neutral pH and balanced alkalinity and mineral composition.
  •     As a result of Claris Prime, chloride and sulphate levels can be adjusted as well as the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS).

 Here is the list of Claris Products:

  • Claris Gen 2 Head EV4339-90
  • Claris Gen 2 Head EV4339-91
  • Claris Gen 2 Head EV4339-92
  • Claris Ultra S EV4339-80
  • Claris Ultra M EV4339-81
  • Claris Ultra L EV4339-82
  • Claris Ultra XL EV4339-83
  • Claris Ultra XXL EV4339-84
  • Claris Prime EV4339-86
  • Claris Test Kit EV4339-40
  • Claris Hose 10CM, 3/8”x1/2” EV4339-52
  • Claris Flow Meter US EV4339-31
  • Claris Flow Meter 700 Lpm EV4339-32   

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 Ever pure Claris Softening-Filtration Systems
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