4 Gallon Water Booster System


Product Description

4 Gallon Water Booster System Flojet‘s 4 Gallon Water Boost Systems are designed to ensure the highest drink quality, optimal pour rates, and equipment longevity. Flojet’s water boost systems provide stable water flow to dispensing equipment, handling peak demand and any water pressure fluctuations. 4 Gallon capacity tank with replaceable bladder System design provides superior draw down performance. Exceptional pump life and reliability Safeguards against carbonator pump starvation and damage from insufficient water supply. Applications: Beverage dispense systems Carbonators, ice machines, water dispensers Water filtration systems Non-carbonated drink dispensing valves Coffee and tea brewers Amp Draw 115V AC - 0.9 amp 230V AC - 0.5 amp (amp) Frequency 50/60 (Hz) Temperature Range 40-120 (°F) Flow Rate 1.5 (gpm) 5.7 (lpm) Max. Liquid Inlet Pressure 30 (psi) 2.1 (bar) Max. Discharge Pressure 6 (bar) 87 (psi) Capacity Tank - 4 gallons (15l) Bladder - 2 gallons @3.5bar (Gallons)

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Code 2830 Series
HSN Code ----
Model R28302542, R28303540, R28303542, R28304542, 028300540, 028300541, 028300542, 028300543
Type Pump

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