Hydraulic Hollow Bolt Hose Clamp


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Hydraulic Hollow Bolt Hose Clamp

Due to its revolutionary swiveling bridge, the hollow pipe clamp can be mounted in the most awkward applications without having to remove the hose. It can be opened up and fastened again when in place without dislodging any other parts of the clamp, making assembly much easier.
Thanks to the beveled edges, the hose is protected from damage.

The high-strength bolt, designed specifically for this clamp, together with the captive nut and spacer system allow you to clamp the most demanding of hose assemblies. This is the clamp of choice for professionals in the industrial hose, automotive and agricultural machinery sectors as well as in all industrial applications where an outstanding and above all reliable heavy-duty clamp is required.
The maximum application pressure can vary depending on the type of hose used and the geometry of the coupling.Patented Worldwide.
Due to the small range of adjustment on these clamps it is important that you find the correct OD of your tube (including the stretching caused by fitting over a hose spigot) and buy the correct size of clamp.


NESPL hollow pipe clamp is mounted on countless different industrial hoses and connections. Our CLAMPS therefore helps various industries maintain a strong and continuous operation of systems and machines.

One of our fields of application is the agricultural sector where our CLAMP is sure to be found on e.g. slurry tankers, drip hose booms, irrigation systems as well as several other machines and equipment in this sector.

Our good and stable quality ensures that our hose clamp is a preferred and frequently used product in the offshore industry. NESPL therefore supplies hose clamps that are used in e.g. windmills, in the maritime environment as well as the fishing industry.

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Manufacturer Code NCLMX36
Manufacturer NESPL Clamps and Clamping Tools
Type Clamps

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