Stainless Steel British Type Worm Type Hose Clamp


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Stainless Steel British Type Worm Type Hose Clamp

British type hose clamp  is a  genericized brand name for worm drive hose clamp , a type of band lcamp , consisting of circular metal band or strip combined with a worm gear fixed to one end. It is designed to hold a soft, pliable hose onto a rigid circular pipe, or sometimes a solid spigot, of smaller diameter.Other names for the worm gear hose clamp include worm drive, worm gear clips, clamps, or just or hose clips.


  • Free Torque: 9.7mm&11.7mm  ≤ 1.0N.m
  • Load Torque: 9.7mm  band  ≥ 3.5N.m
  • 11.7mm  band ≥ 5.0N.m


British type hose clamp in zinc protected mild steel are the most popular clips in our range. Ideally suited for most day to day requirements for joining hose in areas such as the automotive industry and the automotive aftermarket, agricultural applications, such as irrigation and farm machinery, pneumatic and hydraulic applications in the industrial sector, hardware/DIY applications and in construction.

The most versatile of clips in the British type  range, our British type  hose clips in 304 stainless steel are widely used across all industries where hose clips are used to secure hoses, as well as for other applications. Their corrosion resistance enables their use in the marine, oil and gas and food sectors, as well as the agricultural, hardware and industrial sectors, where higher corrosion resistance is required.

British type hose clamp with the highest corrosion resistance, our 316 stainless steel British type hose clamp, are the hose clip of preference in shipbuilding and maintenance when the highest level of corrosion resistance is demanded. Other areas where our Original Range 316 stainless steel clips are used are the food and chemicals industries, where highly corrosive acids can be present, and this material grade is also favoured by the oil and gas industry.








Galvanized Steel

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized Steel



SS200 /SS300Series

SS200 /SS300Series

SS200 /SS300Series






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