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PA0401 Rotary Vane Pump
(In Stock)


Product Description

PA0401XNANN0000-PA401X-ROTARY VANE PUMP 400 L/H AT 1450 rpm; BRASS HOUSING WITH BUILT-IN STRAINER, CLAMP MOUNT -Misting Solution for COVID ,SODA MACHINE and SOFT DRINK MACHINE PA 4011X Rotary Vane is a 1.3 kg volumetric pump manufactured by Fluid-o-tech. This pump is generally used for pumping water and aggressive fluids of low pressure at a higher pressure. The components used in the PA401X Rotary Vane are MADE IN ITALY ensuring high-quality. This volumetric pump is reliable to be used in various industries such as the food industry, beverage industry, medical industry, automobile industry, and others. Listed are the features of PA0401 Rotary Vane Pump: (1) Brass housing and rotor (2) Pumping Chamber and Vanes of Graphitic Carbon (3) Built-in Strainer (4) Bypass Insert Class water pump (5) Inlet and Outlet ports are ⅜” GAS or NPT threaded (6) Connect to direct coupling motors with a stainless steel clamp (7) Maximum operative temperature is 158 F (8) Direct or magnetic drive (9) Flow rates of Wide range Because of its Built-in Strainer, this volumetric pump by Fluid-o-tech can be used in various applications including beverage vending machines, post-mix drink dispensers, espresso coffee machines, water treatment, water dispensers, and cooling systems. These products are manufactured under the supervision of professionals using the latest technologies and hence, they are compatible with producing food products. NESPL provides the whole range of rotary vane pumps, peristaltic pumps, and solenoid pumps and valves of various trusted brands across the world. Being the trusted partner of Fluid-o-tech, we provide the best quality material for your business.

Additional Information

NESPL Code NSSP001852
Manufacturer Code PA401X
HSN Code 84136090
Manufacturer Fluid-o-Tech
Voltage N/A
Model PA401X
Power N/A
Weight 1.3 kg (2.9 lb)
Type Pump

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