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Product Description


1/8" Everis SAE Valved Liquid Cooling Coupling Insert, Cool Blue

Main Features:

  • Non-Spill Design
  • Redundant Multi-Lobed Seals
  • High Flow Capacity with Low Pressure Drop
  • EPDM Or FKM Seals
  • Ergonomic Body and Latch Design
  • Colour Coding
  • Low Profile
  • Barbed & Threaded Terminations

Main Benefits:

  • Disconnect Under Pressure with no Spills
  • Extra Protection from Leaks over an Extended period of Time.
  • Efficient, Cost-Effective Cooling System
  • Options Support common coolants used in liquid cooling applications (i.e., Glycol/Water, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Oils, Electro cool)
  • Simple, Intuitive One-Handed Operation of Latch. Audible Click Signals Secure Connection
  • Instant Visual Identification of Cooling Lines.
  • Meets size requirements for Space- Constrained Electronics
  • Compatibility with various tubing options including reinforced tubing.

Main Specifications: 

  • Material: Brass
  • Material Finish: Chrome
  • Pressure Range: Vacuum to 200 psi, 13.8 bar
  • Color: Chrome with cool blue
  • Mounting Option: Thread
  • Temperature Range: 0°F - 240°F (-17°C - 115°C)
  • Seal Options: EPDM
  • Valve Spring: Stainless Steel
  • Valve Option: Valved
  • Body Type: Insert
  • Shipping/Storage Temperature Range: -40°F to 240°F (-40°C to 115°C)
  • Spillage: <0.015 cc per disconnect at 0 psi; <0.063 cc per disconnect at 200 psi
  • Weight:.0261 Ounce
  • Bag Qty: 10
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Medical (Core) & Thermal Industry

Additional Information

Manufacturer Code LQ2D4604BLU
Manufacturer CPC Quick Connect & Disconnect Solutions
Type Quick Fittings
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