Solenoid Pump KP4


Product Description

KP4 230V, 35W, 3.0Bar 1250ml/min- with Brass outlet-(Solenoid Pump)

NESPL is the Distributor /Manufacturer Oscillating -Solenoid -Vibration products in India.

These products include branded pressure gauges, Oscillating -Solenoid -Vibration -Rotary Vane pumps as well as Peristaltic, Gear Pumps and valves, electro valves, and other Oscillating -Solenoid -Vibration related accessories.

These pumps are mainly used in:

  • Steam Iron
  • Steam Mop
  • Perm Machine
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Stages Smoke machine
  • Jewelry cleaning machine
  • Coffee Machine
  • Spray equipment
  • Washing Machine
  • Mobile air conditioning
  • bathroom equipment
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Steam Oil pumping unit
  • Garment steamer
  • Steam Microwave
  • Mobile Air conditioning
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Coffee Industry

Additional Information

NESPL Code NSSP002683
Manufacturer Code KP4
HSN Code 84136090
Manufacturer Nespl
Voltage 230V
Model KP4
Power 35W
Weight 0.460 Kg
Type Pump

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