Rubber Damper-Stand -Rubber Support for Vibration Pump KP-EX-EP-EK-EA Series


Product Description

Rubber Damper-Stand -Rubber Support for Vibration Pump KP-EX-EP-EK-EA Series 

In coffee machines (Where solenoid pumps are used), rubber dampers are used as a means of supporting and holding the solenoid pumps.

The Rubber Dampers Stands are also known as:

  • Support Pad
  • Rubber Support Brackets
  • Damper for Vibration Pump
  • Vibration Pump Damper Support.

Main Benefits: 

  • Shock Resistant
  • Easy and Simple to use
  • Compact in size
  • Highly Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Service Friendly
  • Excellent performance of pumps along with these Rubber Stands.

Compliments with these Models:

  • Alice Club, Vending Machine-NOI DUE
  • Astoria CMA: GRETA
  • CARIMALI: Armonia, Bluedot, Bluedot-26, Bluedot-Plus, MX-2
  • Casadia: Dafne
  • GPE Vendors: DBX300, DBX400
  • KRUPS: Palatino 905
  • Quality Espresso: Steam-Cube
  • SAECO: Café Crema, Café It, Café Nova, Incanto Cappuccino
  • SAECO: Idea Coffee 3 PROD 9G, Idea UL, Idea
  • SAECO: Ambra 9G, Ambra VE, Atlante 500 9G, Combi Snack, Royal Cappuccino 230, Royal Office 230, Royal Pro 230, TOPAZIO 3P, VE Royal
  • VIBIEMME: Domobar, Domobar-Jr-HX, Domobar-Super, Domobar-Super-Manuale-2B, Domobar-Super-Manuale-HX
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Coffee Industry

Additional Information

NESPL Code NSSP003266
Manufacturer Code NSSP003266
HSN Code 40169990
Manufacturer Nespl
Type Special Product

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