3d5 Maestro Deluxe


Product Description

3d5 Maestro Deluxe

The 3d5 Maestro DELUXE metering, suitable for coffee machines up to 3 groups + tea


  • Volumetric control of two different coffee doses and of the “continuous” function for each group
  • 3 timed tea doses control
  • Steam, coffee and tea doses simultaneous dispensation
  • Doses programming in simulation through keyboard
  • Boiler and/or tank levels controls (filling up and minimum)
  • Dispensing progress visualization (chrono function)
  • Heating survey through external SSR with P.I.D. algorithm (Proportional-Integral-Derivative)
  • Control of 2 NTC temperature probes (boiler and steam wand)
  • Serial transmission with Gicar accounting devices / WiFi or Bluetooth® connection
  • Serial transmission with Gicar accounting devices / WiFi or Bluetooth® connection Ready for software updating through On Board Programming
  • “Slave” output for connection to an external expansion
  • Ready for connection to a 16x2 characters LCD display for functional cycles visualization, alarm signalling, dispensations counting etc



100-240 Vac - 50/60 Hz






Up to 50 °C

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Coffee Industry

Additional Information

Manufacturer Code .
Manufacturer GICAR
Type Parts / Accessories

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