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Product Description

01969 000 - KAY 5® Sanitizer/Cleaner is a chlorinated powder sanitizer for sanitizing and cleaning food and kitchen equipment and utensils. This powdered sanitizer and disinfectant is perfect for cleaning and disinfecting the areas contacting food and beverage products. This sanitizer is heavily used in the restaurant, food industry, and beverage industry.
KAY 5 Sanitizer/Cleaner is a low foaming powder which is soluble in water and can be used as a detergent for cleaning the utensils contacting food or CIP of ice cream plant. It is produced by KAY Chemical Company based in North Carolina. This product is a mixture of Sodium Dichloro-s-Triazinetrione Dihydrate (6%) and other components. It is a white powder, soluble in water, which has a pH ranging between 5.5- 7.5 with a slight odour. It can be used in soft serve machines, shake machines, Soft Drink and kitchen utensils.
Some features of the KAY 5 Sanitizer/Cleaner are as follows: (1) Safe to use for cleaning purposes (2) Concentrated cleaning (3) Readily soluble and quick to kill microbes (4) Deordourizes (5) No damage to stainless steel
The procedure to use this product is as follows: Machine Cleaning Procedure: (1) Rinse the interior of the machine with lukewarm water by activating “wash” cycle. Repeat until the water is clean. (2) Prepare the cleaning solution of KAY 5 Sanitizer/Cleaner (1 Scoop in 2 ½ gallons i.e., 9.5 litres of water). (3) Clean the interiors by activating “wash” cycle. Scrub the interiors (inlet hole and tube) with a brush. Reactivate “wash” cycle and leave the solution for 5 minutes. (4) Drain the solution and turn off the machine. (5) Disassemble the machine parts and brush-clean them separately with a detergent. (6) Rinse thoroughly under clean water. (7) Sanitize the parts by immersing them in freshly prepared KAY 5 sanitizing solution for 1 minute. (8) Remove parts and air dry.
Keep the soft drink machine part clean and sanitized by KAY 5 Sanitizing/Cleaning Powder. It is an efficient alternative to Diversol CX. Get this product at your convenience just by submitting the enquiry form at NESPL website or via email. Order this product before 4 PM and it will be shipped on the same day.
Why is it important to clean the beverage dispensing products?
Here are a few reasons why the cleaning of beverage dispensing products is essential: (1) Cleaning due for long term degrades the quality of the beverage stored in the equipment (2) Cleaning lines of the equipment improves the taste and hence increase the sales (3) The stale flavour of the beverage stored in uncleaned equipment is likely to waste more beverage than the wastage during the equipment cleaning itself (4) Cleaning ensures an effective flow of the beverage (5) It maintains a fresh, clean and sanitized environment in the establishment

Beer Industry

Soft Drink Industry

Coffee Industry

Additional Information

NESPL Code NSSP002820
Manufacturer Code 01969 000
HSN Code 34029091
Manufacturer Nespl
Voltage N/A
Model N/A
Power N/A
Weight 0.030 Kg
Type Cleaning

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