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Product Description

DC24V PERISTALTIC PUMP (PART NO. HPP-24-800-ZB-2-P) PERISTALTIC PUMP is a positive displacement pump which is used for pumping various kinds of beverages and fluids. This pump helps in the controlled fluid flow that dispenses the various type of fluids which can be volatile in excessive quantity. DC24V Peristaltic Pump is used in various type of functions that involve handling either volatile or viscous fluid in a controlled manner. DC24V Peristaltic Pump has various functions: (1) Input Voltage: 24 VDC (2) Flow rate is 800 +/- 8% (3) Flow direction is both: CW/CCW Reversible (4) 2 rollers (5) Minimum output fluid pressure 40 (6) Minimum Input resistance pressure 20 (7) Vacuum Suction 80 KPA minimum (8) PharMed Peristaltic Tube (9) Barbed fitting DC24V Peristaltic Pump works similar to the process of peristalsis in many biological processes and hence the name Peristaltic pump. This pump can function continuously and also be adjusted in a way that will only dispense small amounts of fluid. DC24V Peristaltic Pump can be used in different industries such as the medical industry, testing and research, agriculture, food industry, beverage industry, chemical handling, and water treatment. DC24V Peristaltic Pump can be delivered throughout India as well as exported by NESPL. NESPL delivers the DC24V Peristaltic Pump to you, what you need to do is just send us an enquiry about the product you want to buy through NESPL and a trained NESPL team member will revert shortly with all the information you need.

Beer Industry

Coffee Industry

Additional Information

NESPL Code NSSP001912
Manufacturer Code HPP-24-800-ZB-2-P
HSN Code 84138190
Manufacturer Nespl
Voltage DC24V
Model HPP-24-800-ZB-2-P
Power Electric
Weight 230g
Type Pump

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