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In a sustainable way, pouches make it easy to deliver quality products. With these films you can optimize logistics while reducing environmental impact, as they use less material to manufacture, are easily disposed of, and drastically reduce landfill waste because they can be recycled. Even in a non-refrigerated environment, our aseptic pouches keep your food fresh.

Printing up to eight colors directly on Liquibox pouches is possible with clear and opaque films.

Cost-effective, easy to use and fun for kids:

  • Mini-Sip is the perfect fit for individual serving applications for foodservice and institutional beverages—such as milk, juice, and water.

Advantages of Pouch Packaging:

Our flexible pouch packaging provides many practical benefits for manufacturers, retailers and end users:

  • Variety of film technologies that protect your valuable product from light and oxygen
  • High quality control filling and pouch durability
  • Transportation and storage savings
  • Reduced carbon footprint as compared to other packaging options
  • Easily disposable—drastically reducing landfill waste
  • Ready to recycle film structure options
  • Differentiation for branding with artwork printing up to eight colors

NESPL is An Exclusive Distributor of All the Fittings and Parts for Beverage Industry in India.

NESPL has been associated with Reputed Brands for almost a decade now. We can provide High Quality Bag in Box Packaging Fitments: Caps & Valves, Fitments: Spouts, Glands & Assemblies, Fitments: Tube Caps & Adapters, Fitments: Line-Side Connectors, Aeroflow® Lever Taps, Jumbo Lever Taps, Quickserve® Lever Taps, Smooth Flow Lever Taps, Water Butt Taps, Valutap For Bag-In-Box, Liqui-Sure® Top Pull Tap For Bag-In-Box, Viniflow® Top Pull Tap For Bag-In-Box, Vinitap™ Top Push Tap For Bag-In-Box, Top Push Cooler Tap For Rigid Container, Trutap For Bag-In-Box, Bags & Film Packaging, Urn-Liners, Bulk Liners (Ibc), Pouch Packaging, anywhere in India at the Best Prices as well.

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Manufacturer Code NLB022
Manufacturer Liquibox
Type Special Product
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