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Triplex Hi-Flow Electric Diaphragm Pump
(In Stock)


Product Description

Triplex Hi-Flow Electric Diaphragm Pump Flow rates from 7.6 litres/min (2 US gallons/min) Pressure switch control capable of pressures up to 4.1bar (60psi) Applications: Designed for a wide range of applications and constructed from a selection of materials suitable for handling a broad range of chemicals. The Triplex Hi-Flow pumps are self-priming and can run dry without harm Specs : Body Materials Polypropylene Elastomers Santoprene Diaphragm and Viton or EPDM Valves Motor Type Permanent magnet DC Amp Draw Max. 12 (amp) Operating Pressure Up to 50 PSI (3.4 bar) Port Size inlet/outlet 3/4" (19mm), 3/8" (9.52mm) NPTF Duty Cycle Intermittent Dimensions (L x W x H) L x 4.14 x 4.30 (inches) L x 105 x 109 (mm)

Additional Information

NESPL Code ----------------
Manufacturer Code 03521 & R3521 Series
HSN Code ----
Manufacturer Flojet
Voltage 12, 24 VDC
Model 03521134 & R3521134, 03521139 & R3521139, 03521144 & R3521144, 03521149 & R3521149, 03521334 & R3521334, 03521339 & R3521339, 03521344 & R3521344, 03521349 & R3521349
Power N/A
Weight 2.29 (kg) 5.05 (lb)
Type Pump

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