The Importance of Choosing OEM Parts for Your Commercial Ice Machine: Essential Parts and Accessories for Maintenance and Longevity

There are different types of ice machines available in the market, such as portable ice machines, free-standing ice machines, built-in ice makers, and large commercial ice machines. These machines are great for producing ice, which has various applications. Ice can be used as an ice pack for injuries, food displays, coolers, and for cooling drinks to provide refreshment. Compared to traditional methods of making ice in your refrigerator or freezer, ice machines produce faster, better quality ice. Additionally, ice machines help remove impurities from water that is used to make ice.

Commercial ice machines are vital for businesses that require ice regularly. Proper maintenance of these machines is essential to ensure they operate efficiently and produce high-quality ice. However, parts may wear out, become damaged, or malfunction over time. It is therefore important to use the right replacement parts for your commercial ice machine to maintain its performance and longevity.

Ice machine parts are designed to replace damaged or worn-out components in commercial ice machines. In addition to compressor and evaporator parts, water valves, and ice scoops may also be included. However, ice machine accessories such as water filters, ice bins, storage bins, and ice machine cleaners provide additional functionality and convenience to the machine. They also ensure that the ice is produced safely and with good quality.

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When it comes to choosing replacement parts for your ice machine, it is essential to opt for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts only. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Best Quality & Genuine Parts: OEM parts are the same as the original parts. They are made with the same specifications and material, so you can rely on them.
  2. Effortless Installation: Using non-OEM parts in your ice machine can be a risky proposition, as they may not be compatible with the manufacturer’s specifications. In such cases, the machine may not run smoothly, and it may take considerable effort to install the replacement parts. In contrast, OEM parts are designed to be a perfect match for your ice machine, with no additional effort required for installation.
  3. Trustworthy Distribution: OEM parts suppliers are genuinely reliable. They provide original parts that are of the same specifications as the original parts.
  4. Durability: Manufacturers of OEM parts can take several years to develop formulations for anti-corrosion materials and coatings that improve the durability and safety of their products. This level of attention to detail and quality may not be present in non-OEM parts.
  5. Replacement Friendly: OEM parts are engineered to fit perfectly into your particular ice machine, ensuring that no extra modifications are required for proper installation. On the contrary, non-OEM parts may be designed to fit various models of ice machines, leading to ill-fitting components that may require some tweaking to attach properly.

Here are some of the essential OEM parts for your ice machine:

  • Control Board 7627823
  • Water Pump 1480279
  • Water inlet valve 000007966
  • Manitowoc Ice 9122
  • Compressor Tecumseh 7628203
  • Contractor 2006599
  • Manitowoc Ice 000008660
  • Water Distribution Tube 7624983
  • Manitowoc Ice 0000014063

Nespl offers OEM replacement parts for commercial ice machines from well-known manufacturers such as Manitowoc at cost-effective prices. By using OEM parts, you can ensure your commercial ice machine remains efficient, produces high-quality ice, and has a longer lifespan.

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