Nespl SS Ear Clamps

How to install SS Ear Clamps?

How to install SS Ear Clamps?

Ear Clamps are kind of hose clamps that is widely used in automobiles, home appliances and machinery to fix hoses & joints so that gas or liquid can be transmitted safely without leakage.

Ear Clamps are extremely simple to install, and they are more secure and compact than standard screw type hose clamps. Installing them is very straight forward, but there are a few tips and tricks that will make installing even easier.

It is important to clamp the hose ear clamp appropriately so as to obtain a perfect clamping effect.

Firstly, choose the correct size of clamp, ear clamp should be slightly bigger than the hose.

As per the recommendation, the middle valve of the clamp in range of ear clamps must be the outer diameters values of the hose.

Secondly, preparation tools pliers or pneumatic pliers’ electronic pliers.

To use SS single ear pliers, you need pliers. Installing and removing pliers requires special single-ear pliers.

The steel is made from high-quality carbon tool steel. To ensure sealing and tightening, the fixture configuration is critical.

The single ear pliers are in two categories: flat nose and side nose…

Pneumatic clamps are suitable for mass installation and the clamping force is constant.

You should attach the ear hose clamps to the joint before installing the hose, and then place them at the joint location.

If possible, use pneumatic or electronic pliers. Keep the ear clamps in place by applying constant pressure.

Don’t over squeeze it, which may cause deformation and expansion of the ear hose clamps.

This is important to note,

As part of the ear clamps, multiple ear hose clamps must be interconnected in series in order to maintain a constant clamping force.

Maintaining uniform seals is also essential for understanding how to install ear hose clamps.

The installation details will also vary depending on the type.

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