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Volumetric pumps IG series
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Product Description

The Fluid-o-Tech IG series positive displacement gear pump has been designed to handle viscous fluids with impurities in suspension and temperatures up to 200 °C (392 °F) whilst delivering a smooth flow. Precise by design, they deliver accurate and repeatable performance, a smooth flow and a pressure up to 18 bar (260 psi) . The flow rate ranges from 50 to 1550 l/h (13 to 410 GPH) according to the model. The housing is in cast iron, with 1/2” GAS ports. The internal components in DistalloyAE and Ceramic ensure a long service life. The clamp mounting ensures ease of installation making it ideal for integration into equipment. The engineered polymer coupling guarantees the correct coupling of the pump to the motor and prevents thermal heat transfer to the motor.

Additional Information

NESPL Code --
Manufacturer Code --
HSN Code --
Manufacturer Fluid-o-Tech
Voltage N/A
Model IG08AA1AAA0000
Power 20 bar/290 psi
Weight 1.6 Kg
Type Pump

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