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Distributor of ULKA-CEME products in India: NESPL

ULKA pumps are renowned all over the world for their use in the coffee machines. ULKA pumps are used in various industries in the world, primarily in the coffee beverage industry. This ease of coffee making in the beverage industry in India is now being provided by NESPL. NESPL is the distributor of ULKA - CEME products in India.

CEME distributes its products to more than 50 countries across the world. These products include branded pressure gauges, solenoid pumps and valves, electro valves, and other related accessories. ULKA - CEME solenoid pumps and valves, pressure switches, flow meters, and other such products in India is distributed by NESPL.

NESPL is the authorised distributor of CEME pumps that serves various functions in the industry including working with water, air, gas, and steam systems. NESPL distributes these products across India with its reliable shipping companies. The product will be dispatched the same day if placed before 4 PM. NESPL team is authorised to ship in-stock ULKA-CEME products to other countries as well.

NESPL partnered with ULKA - CEME in India

NESPL has partnered with ULKA - CEME over a decade back and this partnership has yielded excellent results. This partnership has eased access to the solenoid pumps and valves in the Indian beverage industry. The renowned name of ULKA pumps for reliability and high-quality is available to various industries across India and other countries with the exclusive partnership of NESPL with ULKA-CEME.

NESPL gives advantages of ULKA - CEME Italy in India:

Distributor in India of ULKA pumps

Steady stock of ULKA pumps in India

Reliable and Secure Shipment

Expertise in providing beverage dispensing solutions

Years of Experience

Personalised ULKA - CEME Solutions

ULKA - CEME is one of the most trusted brands for providing high-quality and reliable solenoid pumps, pressure switches, solenoid valves, flow meters, and other components all over the world. NESPL being an distributor of ULKA - CEME products in India makes it easy to deliver these high-quality products. You can get these most popular ULKA products now in India with the help of distributorship of NESPL with CEME that serves several industries in India, such as the beverage industry, water treatment industry, medical industry, etc.

ULKA - CEME Products’ Application

ULKA - CEME products are perfect for the following :

  • Beverage Mixing
  • Coffee Making
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Drinks and Water Dispenser
  • Air and Pneumatics
  • Medical equipment

Apart from these, there are several other special applications provided by ULKA - CEME products.


Most Popular ULKA - CEME product categories in India:

Most demanded products of ULKA - CEME India, provided by NESPL include:

  • Solenoid Pumps
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Pressure Switches
  • Flow meters
  • Accessories

Products of ULKA - CEME serve several industries, including

Beverage Industry


Medical Industry

Water Treatment

And More

ULKA - CEME offers a variety of solenoid pumps and valves to various industries across the world. These products are primarily used in the coffee making industry. NESPL provides the exclusive ULKA pumps in India because of the decade-old partnership with ULKA - CEME.

You can access the downloadable catalogue of the ULKA products from the NESPL website by registering on the website. This brochure has all the information about the ULKA products exclusively accessible by registration.

In case of any confusion about the products, you can contact NESPL by sending us an inquiry via email or using the “send enquiry” button on the website. The NESPL team of experts will revert shortly after receiving your query.


NESPL, being the distributor or ULKA CEME pumps has been providing the beverage dispensing solutions to various cities and states in India. NESPL also distributes ULKA products to other countries as well such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, NESPL, UAE, etc. The shipment of these products is in the hands of reliable shipping and courier companies. Order the products before 4 PM and get the ULKA products dispatched on the same day.

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